Moon Picks

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Moon Picks™ are made in the USA from sustainably harvested North American white Birchwood. Moon Picks have the ability to infuse up to 50+ milligrams of almost any concentrates, terpenes and flavorings into each individual pick.

Moon Picks™ are an efficient delivery platform for premium concentrates which are infused into each pick and are efficiently absorbed via the oral mucosa or lining of the mouth.

Using the best practices-driven infusion process and comprehensive testing program guarantees delivery of the same quality and accurate levels of ingredients every time.

  • When using a Moon Pick your entire body will feel the effects. Uptake of our 97%+ CBD Isolate derived from the whole hemp plant will occur sublingually through all four areas of the mucosa lining. The oral cavity, cheeks, tongue and lips are activated and allow the cannabinoids to immediately enter the bloodstream through the vessel-rich tissues creating the fastest and most efficient onset.


  • Patients need only small amounts of cannabis products to deliver a therapeutic effect when medicating through our enhanced sublingual application. Even with less cannabis, more of the active cannabinoids can still enter the bloodstream.


  • Only organic protocols at every opportunity.